Home :)

We got the house! It’s lovely, has three bedrooms (craft room!) and isn’t falling apart like some of the older houses in the area. The landlord owns the local hardware and furniture store and it shows!

The best part is it is in a quiet area with lots of space. I fell asleep dreaming of all the herbs, vegetables, and fruits we are going to plant this year. I can’t wait to start getting seeds ready!

Having a place to call home is a huge weight off my chest. We have been imposing on our families since October, and while it’s great to reconnect, being able to have your own space is surely a good thing! It makes getting ready for the baby less stressful. Knowing that the place we live is actually decent for a newborn was a really big deal to me. I lost a lot of sleep over it.

We spent all evening cleaning, and discovered that the jets on the tub actually work! Of course we let them run for about 30 minutes, filtered bleach through the jets, and cleaned out the filter. (gross factor, black gunk came out. If you’re ever in this situation, run it till it runs clear.)
Jessy brought home some cleaner from the hospital where he works, so now I’m confident that the house is clear of tuberculosis! (Germicide stinks by the way!)

All in all I am extremely excited ( I’ve been bugging my mom and dad nonstop, I’m sure they’d like a change of subject) and I can’t wait to put my touch into my new home. I plan on staying here and being happy happy happy until it is time to move to Oregon (ultimate dream).



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