Double Breasted Garter Stitch Sweater

I am making a second attempt at a sweater for baby. The first one is shamefully hiding in a bag somewhere awaiting the day I unravel it and remake it. I am using a pattern by Joji Locatelli from Ravelry. The English translation is listed in the link below.

I made some adjustments to my sweater, because I’m using a bigger gauge needle (circular needle size 5). Each time I knit I learn a new technique, this time I learned how to make buttonholes. Like I’ve mentioned before, there is no better way to learn a knitting technique these days than to type in “how to ______________” whatever you’re looking for straight into google.

If you want to try this pattern in a bigger gauge, (thus resulting in a quicker project) try a cast on (for newborns) of 38- 40 -38. They’re separated because the pattern calls for stitch markers (I use soda can tabs). Be advised before you start, you will need three separate balls or skeins of yarn, starting when you make the armholes.

I really like this pattern because it is quick, easy once you get the hang of it, and the garter stitch looks great. Also the buttons give it a classy pop, making it oh so adorable! I think this might be the sweater I bring home baby in. Depending on the weather of course!

Tips: when it’s time to cast off on the neck, play it smart and keep your stitches loose on the last row. Adding the neckband thing will be really difficult if they’re too tight.

When picking up stitches for the sleeves, for the love of Pete start at the armpit of the hole. Because you will work the seam in a flat piece, then sew it together nothing would be worse than having a seam in an awkward place.

If you have any questions give me a shout!

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3 thoughts on “Double Breasted Garter Stitch Sweater

      • Aunt Angie says:

        Yes, of course!! Let me know what supplies you need. I’ll send you a text because I’ll need your address. 🙂

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