Microwave Brownies!

Moving into a new place and starting from scratch really is a pain in the rear. Even more so if you’re on a strict budget. Especially when it comes to cooking, because let’s face it, not having pots and pans is a real drag. Sure you can go ask the in laws if they have extras. But considering you suspect that they know you stole a jar of jelly from their pantry the other day (they had like 5), it’s best to lay low.

Ok so maybe not quite everyone has been in this situation. Regardless, Jessy and I found ourselves in a tough position today. You see, we both REALLY wanted brownies. (That’s the great thing about being pregnant, I can blame my “cravings” on the baby. But let’s be serious, I’m a glutton with a sweet tooth). We had a pack of mix and the ingredients to make it. But alas, we have no pans! So in a moment of genius desperation I decided to try and cook them in the microwave.

I’d like to say I didn’t dive right into it, but instead carefully planned out the method by thinking about principals microwave bakery. But let’s be honest I was hungry way before inspiration hit. So without further ado, instructables!

Mix the brownies according to package instructions.

Done? Good.

Now add one more egg. Don’t question, just do it.

Still going to question? Ok fine. The extra egg is because you’re cooking them in a mug. You want it to rise more than normal.

Divvy the mix between the mugs. Don’t fill more than half full. I used a cheapy packet mix, and it was enough for two people. (Or one if you’re really hungry).

Now place in microwave, and nuke it. I put two mugs in at a time, and had sucessful cooking after 6 minutes. The best advice I can give is to keep an eye on it, everyone’s microwave is different.

Now that I’m happily stuffed with brownie, I’m wistfully thinking about how much more awesome it would have been with a scoop of ice cream on top. Also, keep in mind the brand you’re using will affect the quality. Jessy didn’t like his as much, but for a cheapy pack of mix I thought it was decent. I poured milk over mine because I dip my regular brownies in milk anyway.

Get creative, dress it up, make them how you want them. Top them with hot icing, replace some of the water with coffee when you’re making them, or throw in some nuts! Whatever you do, comment and share. Happy Eating!



Internet, hiking, and business

So we were able to get internet! The reason the tech kept leaving and coming back was because the previous contractor apparently made a HUGE mess with the cables. But this guy fixed them up, free of charge and got everything running. I wish I could bake him a thank you cake or something, he certainly went above and beyond. In the meantime I’m calling the company and singing high praises.

In other news we went hiking up the hill behind our house today. We found a pond. Well, we found the same pond we found when we went hiking behind the cemetery, just from a different path. I didn’t realize it was so close! The water is really interesting, it’s turquoise! Today is overcast because it is supposed to rain later, the picture doesn’t do the color justice, and I don’t want to edit. Someday we will invest in a better camera, but for our purposes what we have works.

Also updating on the home business idea, I went ahead and took the first step and got my business tax ID with the IRS. Next step is to register my business name with the state and do the sales tax license thing. I don’t have the money for those at the moment, so I’m going to focus on building a website and doing some logo designs. I’d like to launch two lines- Kate’s Naturals (candles, lotions, bath salts, lip balm, all made from natural Eco friendly ingredients), and Angel Knits- (hand knitted pieces with a focus on baby stuff). Both lines will be under Spontaneous Kate & Co LLC! I’m super stoked, and am currently researching materials for Kate’s Naturals and figuring startup costs. If anyone has any ideas or input, I would most certainly love to hear them!




Internet! Maybe. And the fall outlook.

Jessy and I are antsy. We put in an order for a local ISP to come out and hook us up. The only problem is we had to lie about or zip code. We are a block outside the town that provides the good internet (not tiered satellite internet). The tech came out at 8am, looked at the cables on our house, went back to his office, came out again, messed with the power lines across the street, disappeared again. It’s 1ish, and it’s safe to say our jimmies are rustled. We are really crossing our fingers that this works, because…

Jessy is going to school this fall! Yaaaay! I’m really proud of him. He moved from Texas to Oklahoma in the 8th grade, and the details are fuzzy but he was never enrolled back in school. Oklahoma’s weird, I think they only require 8th grade completion or so I’ve been told? Apparently education isn’t the highest priority in this area.

But! He buckled down, studied on his own and got his GED, entirely by himself. No classes, no tutelage, just him and a book. I know it doesn’t sound like much but I think it’s a HUGE accomplishment considering he didn’t have the opportunity to even go to high school. Could you imagine? So while he decides which school to go to, and whether commuting or taking online classes would be better, I think it’s safe to say we will definitely need internet. (Especially if I want to launch my etsy this fall).

In the meantime the tech has returned! Everyone cross your fingers that this works! Ahhhhhhhhhh!


Baby Booties and Surrogacy

Another week has rolled by and I am making the conscious decision that as my pregnancy draws to a close, I won’t be visiting my inlaws from this point forward. While I enjoy raiding their fridge, I do not enjoy the length of time we end up spending over there because husband wants to go fishing. I also do not enjoy the hyper children that have a direct impact on my blood pressure (I never would have thought a kid screaming could make me physically dizzy, but hey first time for everything). So yes, I am a house cat from this point forward.
In other news, I’m big. Like whale. And maybe I’m using the excuses I just mentioned to hide the fact that my being big is the reason I don’t want to go anywhere. I know it comes with the territory, and I know there are ALOT bigger people out there. But I’m seriously considering covering up my mirror for the next month. I’m not vain I swear.
I guess being big is a good thing though. My doctor said at the last visit that if I went into labor now she wouldn’t try and stop it. Essentially my baby is healthy enough to be fine even if he were early term. Which is great news however, I’d like him to stay in there a bit longer, just for piece of mind. He has the hiccups a lot too. Every day. It’s the strangest sensation. Doctor says this is a very good sign. I like this doctor, she’s the good news deliverer. (I just thought about that in literal terms. She really is. Ha! Get it? Cause she delivers babies? I will stop now…)
So yes baby news, check! What else? Aha! I’ve been turning the idea of being a surrogate over in my mind for awhile now. I don’t want to have to put my baby in daycare for at least a year or two. So if I’m going to be home anyway, and since pregnancy is actually agreeable with me (exception of heartburn!), I may as well help someone out while I’m at it. Jessy and I have been talking it over together, and we think that it would be a wonderful thing to do for someone. I contacted an agency and they will be sending me the application as soon as baby is born. This is such a big and exciting decision! I’m really looking forward to taking the next steps.

And finally, I have made baby shoes! I know I said I would be posting about the knit elephant. However, to err is human and I’m pretty sure I’m human. And I erred. The elephant did NOT turn out well, we won’t be discussing it until I find a pattern and follow someone else’s tutelage. So without further ado, Kimono Wrapped booties!
The closest pattern to what I did I s available on Ithinksew.com however, it was four dollars and I would rather trial and error than pay money for something I can figure out. I still wanted to give someone credit, and since the picture I stared at mentioned this specific pattern, they get the credit. I sewed at least three mess ups before I got the hang of it. I used the leftovers of my snuggle flannel from the blanket, I personally think this is the best material for these shoes. I’d like to make another pair, but I think I will have to wait to get more snuggle flannel. I’m out now :/ these turned out great and I can’t wait to see them on my baby. A word of advice, ironing on some adhesive between the layers wouldn’t kill anyone, and it will probably shape the bootie better. If anyone makes a pair, totally post a pic and show me!


Lots of Different Things

Where to begin? Maybe we can start with the ultrasound last week. It seems baby is super healthy. Our due date is calculated to the end of April, which is a relief to find out because we weren’t quite sure when conception happened. (Like seriously it could have been off by a month or two and I wouldn’t have known. Jessy was the one who suggested I take the test to begin with, it’s weird how perceptive he is.) I love getting ultrasounds. You get to watch your baby on the little tv and ooh and ahh at it, until you get impatient and want to take the rolley stick and do it yourself. They gave me a profile of his little face ( and big upper lip holy moly!) and showed me his heartbeat, and little hands, and little lungs practicing breathing (I understand this is important and a good sign). And here I am throwing around the word little but the doctor says he is at a perfect weight, and will likely be over 7lbs. Oh and he has hair! I wonder what color it will be? I imagine it will be black (Native Americans have the most luxurious shiny black hair I’m so jealous of my husband!) but who knows? Anyway, getting the ultrasound was a HUGE relief. I know they listen to the heart every appointment and it always sounds perfect, but I’m visual, I want to see for myself. He is perfect, healthy, and the doctor was impressed with how great I look and how well he is doing. (Totally bragging here but since I spent the first three months in total misery I feel inclined to.) Things are really moving fast!

So my mission this week is to crank up the sewing machine and make some burp cloths. Last night I made a little blanket (I think the call them receiving blankets?). The fabric was on sale around Christmas at Joanne’s so my sweet momma nabbed me a couple of yards. The picture is shown at the bottom of the post.
I think it’s adorable and I might sew up some little stuffed owls to go with. Super easy to make too, (put two pieces together wrong side out, sew all the way around curving the corners and leaving three or four inches open, trim the extra off but not too close to the seam, turn inside out through the open space and hand stitch closed.)
The material is flannel and Joanne’s usually has great sales on it. I think making your own is way preferable because you are familiar with the quality of work that goes into it. And you get to make it exactly the way you want it.

Also, I’ve given up on the hat for now. It just doesn’t hold my attention quite so well. Instead I’m knitting an elephant. I won’t be able to throw in a pattern right away, I’m free handing it. So far I have the trunk and half the head, pictured below. That’s all for now, next week I will update on the burp cloths, and maybe the elephant.




I am working on a hat for my sweet baby boy, but I’m not quite ready to post about it yet. This is mainly due to the fact that I’ve had to take it apart a couple of times, once because I made it way too big and the second because it was curling too much. And the entire time my little boy has been kicking and moving.

In fact, he moves continuously through the night. It’s hard to sleep! When he comes out I’m going to put a blanket on the ground and lay him on it. I guarantee he will be rolling around within a week.

The only time he stops is if my dear husband tries to feel him moving. I swear he can sense that it’s not my hand and just go still. Poor Jessy tries again and again but so far he’s only felt him twice. I’m sure it’s frustrating to say the least.

Speaking of Jessy, he had a job interview this morning. More of a physical fitness test really. He applied for a security job at one of the casinos that his tribe owns (woo hoo Native American perks). They called within the week and told him to break out his running shoes and get ready to do some jumping jacks. We are really trying not to get our hopes up, but honey face could use a better job.

Anyway, long story longer, that was today. Or it would have been if we hadn’t had this crazy weather going on. Never in my life have I seen it snow and heard it thunder at the same time. Thundersnow!! So naturally just as we were about to leave, the HR called and rescheduled for Friday. I secretly think they might be doing a mass hire for the year but who knows. All I can say is my fingers are crossed.

In other news, people really liked my sweater I last posted about. My sweet mommers knows a lady who runs a boutique called The Pink Hanger, somewhere over in Dallas. I’m not sure if she does handcrafted clothes, but mommers said she would show her eventually and see if she liked it. I’m not making promises but I’d like to launch a fall line of cute knits for babies this year. It really depends on what kind of inventory I can build while raising an infant. If anyone has suggestions for things they’d like to see, as always feel free to comment or shoot me an email.