Lots of Different Things

Where to begin? Maybe we can start with the ultrasound last week. It seems baby is super healthy. Our due date is calculated to the end of April, which is a relief to find out because we weren’t quite sure when conception happened. (Like seriously it could have been off by a month or two and I wouldn’t have known. Jessy was the one who suggested I take the test to begin with, it’s weird how perceptive he is.) I love getting ultrasounds. You get to watch your baby on the little tv and ooh and ahh at it, until you get impatient and want to take the rolley stick and do it yourself. They gave me a profile of his little face ( and big upper lip holy moly!) and showed me his heartbeat, and little hands, and little lungs practicing breathing (I understand this is important and a good sign). And here I am throwing around the word little but the doctor says he is at a perfect weight, and will likely be over 7lbs. Oh and he has hair! I wonder what color it will be? I imagine it will be black (Native Americans have the most luxurious shiny black hair I’m so jealous of my husband!) but who knows? Anyway, getting the ultrasound was a HUGE relief. I know they listen to the heart every appointment and it always sounds perfect, but I’m visual, I want to see for myself. He is perfect, healthy, and the doctor was impressed with how great I look and how well he is doing. (Totally bragging here but since I spent the first three months in total misery I feel inclined to.) Things are really moving fast!

So my mission this week is to crank up the sewing machine and make some burp cloths. Last night I made a little blanket (I think the call them receiving blankets?). The fabric was on sale around Christmas at Joanne’s so my sweet momma nabbed me a couple of yards. The picture is shown at the bottom of the post.
I think it’s adorable and I might sew up some little stuffed owls to go with. Super easy to make too, (put two pieces together wrong side out, sew all the way around curving the corners and leaving three or four inches open, trim the extra off but not too close to the seam, turn inside out through the open space and hand stitch closed.)
The material is flannel and Joanne’s usually has great sales on it. I think making your own is way preferable because you are familiar with the quality of work that goes into it. And you get to make it exactly the way you want it.

Also, I’ve given up on the hat for now. It just doesn’t hold my attention quite so well. Instead I’m knitting an elephant. I won’t be able to throw in a pattern right away, I’m free handing it. So far I have the trunk and half the head, pictured below. That’s all for now, next week I will update on the burp cloths, and maybe the elephant.




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