Baby Booties and Surrogacy

Another week has rolled by and I am making the conscious decision that as my pregnancy draws to a close, I won’t be visiting my inlaws from this point forward. While I enjoy raiding their fridge, I do not enjoy the length of time we end up spending over there because husband wants to go fishing. I also do not enjoy the hyper children that have a direct impact on my blood pressure (I never would have thought a kid screaming could make me physically dizzy, but hey first time for everything). So yes, I am a house cat from this point forward.
In other news, I’m big. Like whale. And maybe I’m using the excuses I just mentioned to hide the fact that my being big is the reason I don’t want to go anywhere. I know it comes with the territory, and I know there are ALOT bigger people out there. But I’m seriously considering covering up my mirror for the next month. I’m not vain I swear.
I guess being big is a good thing though. My doctor said at the last visit that if I went into labor now she wouldn’t try and stop it. Essentially my baby is healthy enough to be fine even if he were early term. Which is great news however, I’d like him to stay in there a bit longer, just for piece of mind. He has the hiccups a lot too. Every day. It’s the strangest sensation. Doctor says this is a very good sign. I like this doctor, she’s the good news deliverer. (I just thought about that in literal terms. She really is. Ha! Get it? Cause she delivers babies? I will stop now…)
So yes baby news, check! What else? Aha! I’ve been turning the idea of being a surrogate over in my mind for awhile now. I don’t want to have to put my baby in daycare for at least a year or two. So if I’m going to be home anyway, and since pregnancy is actually agreeable with me (exception of heartburn!), I may as well help someone out while I’m at it. Jessy and I have been talking it over together, and we think that it would be a wonderful thing to do for someone. I contacted an agency and they will be sending me the application as soon as baby is born. This is such a big and exciting decision! I’m really looking forward to taking the next steps.

And finally, I have made baby shoes! I know I said I would be posting about the knit elephant. However, to err is human and I’m pretty sure I’m human. And I erred. The elephant did NOT turn out well, we won’t be discussing it until I find a pattern and follow someone else’s tutelage. So without further ado, Kimono Wrapped booties!
The closest pattern to what I did I s available on however, it was four dollars and I would rather trial and error than pay money for something I can figure out. I still wanted to give someone credit, and since the picture I stared at mentioned this specific pattern, they get the credit. I sewed at least three mess ups before I got the hang of it. I used the leftovers of my snuggle flannel from the blanket, I personally think this is the best material for these shoes. I’d like to make another pair, but I think I will have to wait to get more snuggle flannel. I’m out now :/ these turned out great and I can’t wait to see them on my baby. A word of advice, ironing on some adhesive between the layers wouldn’t kill anyone, and it will probably shape the bootie better. If anyone makes a pair, totally post a pic and show me!



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