Internet! Maybe. And the fall outlook.

Jessy and I are antsy. We put in an order for a local ISP to come out and hook us up. The only problem is we had to lie about or zip code. We are a block outside the town that provides the good internet (not tiered satellite internet). The tech came out at 8am, looked at the cables on our house, went back to his office, came out again, messed with the power lines across the street, disappeared again. It’s 1ish, and it’s safe to say our jimmies are rustled. We are really crossing our fingers that this works, because…

Jessy is going to school this fall! Yaaaay! I’m really proud of him. He moved from Texas to Oklahoma in the 8th grade, and the details are fuzzy but he was never enrolled back in school. Oklahoma’s weird, I think they only require 8th grade completion or so I’ve been told? Apparently education isn’t the highest priority in this area.

But! He buckled down, studied on his own and got his GED, entirely by himself. No classes, no tutelage, just him and a book. I know it doesn’t sound like much but I think it’s a HUGE accomplishment considering he didn’t have the opportunity to even go to high school. Could you imagine? So while he decides which school to go to, and whether commuting or taking online classes would be better, I think it’s safe to say we will definitely need internet. (Especially if I want to launch my etsy this fall).

In the meantime the tech has returned! Everyone cross your fingers that this works! Ahhhhhhhhhh!



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