Internet, hiking, and business

So we were able to get internet! The reason the tech kept leaving and coming back was because the previous contractor apparently made a HUGE mess with the cables. But this guy fixed them up, free of charge and got everything running. I wish I could bake him a thank you cake or something, he certainly went above and beyond. In the meantime I’m calling the company and singing high praises.

In other news we went hiking up the hill behind our house today. We found a pond. Well, we found the same pond we found when we went hiking behind the cemetery, just from a different path. I didn’t realize it was so close! The water is really interesting, it’s turquoise! Today is overcast because it is supposed to rain later, the picture doesn’t do the color justice, and I don’t want to edit. Someday we will invest in a better camera, but for our purposes what we have works.

Also updating on the home business idea, I went ahead and took the first step and got my business tax ID with the IRS. Next step is to register my business name with the state and do the sales tax license thing. I don’t have the money for those at the moment, so I’m going to focus on building a website and doing some logo designs. I’d like to launch two lines- Kate’s Naturals (candles, lotions, bath salts, lip balm, all made from natural Eco friendly ingredients), and Angel Knits- (hand knitted pieces with a focus on baby stuff). Both lines will be under Spontaneous Kate & Co LLC! I’m super stoked, and am currently researching materials for Kate’s Naturals and figuring startup costs. If anyone has any ideas or input, I would most certainly love to hear them!





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