Microwave Brownies!

Moving into a new place and starting from scratch really is a pain in the rear. Even more so if you’re on a strict budget. Especially when it comes to cooking, because let’s face it, not having pots and pans is a real drag. Sure you can go ask the in laws if they have extras. But considering you suspect that they know you stole a jar of jelly from their pantry the other day (they had like 5), it’s best to lay low.

Ok so maybe not quite everyone has been in this situation. Regardless, Jessy and I found ourselves in a tough position today. You see, we both REALLY wanted brownies. (That’s the great thing about being pregnant, I can blame my “cravings” on the baby. But let’s be serious, I’m a glutton with a sweet tooth). We had a pack of mix and the ingredients to make it. But alas, we have no pans! So in a moment of genius desperation I decided to try and cook them in the microwave.

I’d like to say I didn’t dive right into it, but instead carefully planned out the method by thinking about principals microwave bakery. But let’s be honest I was hungry way before inspiration hit. So without further ado, instructables!

Mix the brownies according to package instructions.

Done? Good.

Now add one more egg. Don’t question, just do it.

Still going to question? Ok fine. The extra egg is because you’re cooking them in a mug. You want it to rise more than normal.

Divvy the mix between the mugs. Don’t fill more than half full. I used a cheapy packet mix, and it was enough for two people. (Or one if you’re really hungry).

Now place in microwave, and nuke it. I put two mugs in at a time, and had sucessful cooking after 6 minutes. The best advice I can give is to keep an eye on it, everyone’s microwave is different.

Now that I’m happily stuffed with brownie, I’m wistfully thinking about how much more awesome it would have been with a scoop of ice cream on top. Also, keep in mind the brand you’re using will affect the quality. Jessy didn’t like his as much, but for a cheapy pack of mix I thought it was decent. I poured milk over mine because I dip my regular brownies in milk anyway.

Get creative, dress it up, make them how you want them. Top them with hot icing, replace some of the water with coffee when you’re making them, or throw in some nuts! Whatever you do, comment and share. Happy Eating!



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