How April Fools Skepticism Caused Unnecessary Suffering

I hate today. I immediately distrust anything anyone says, and do my best to stay inside and away from people. Not because I have a scarred prank related childhood or anything, (honestly I don’t). I’m just naturally skeptical of people. A believe it when you see it kind of person.
Unfortunately for my poor husband, my anti- prank mentality caused him to suffer exactly one year ago. I was at work being my skeptical self; looking over my shoulder, bracing myself when I opened the door, and checking the toilet seat for possible shenanigans. “I won’t be pranked today” was my mantra, I chanted over and over in my head.
And then I get the text, from my sweet husband. “I broke my finger, can you take me to the hospital? I can’t drive.” Pssshht, seriously honeyface? You’re going to have to come up with something better than that to pull one over on me. Nice try sucker.
But he didn’t stop, he stuck to his story of crushing it while moving furniture. Eventually (2 hours later) I gave up, decided that if I was going to be pranked then I may as well enjoy the rest of the day off work (things were slow anyway).
After a leisurely drive home, I walk in and HOLY JESUS THE END OF HIS FINGER IS SWOLLEN AND PURPLE LIKE A GRAPE! Away to the hospital we went, and I received the title “Worst Wife in the World”. I felt terrible, and still do.
So moral of the story, medical emergency falls on the list of things you should not ignore on April Fools. Even if you think it’s a prank, better safe than sorry. Also, one final tip: make your own food today. Do NOT eat ANYTHING anyone else cooks/buys for you.

What’s the craziest prank you have witnessed?


2 thoughts on “How April Fools Skepticism Caused Unnecessary Suffering

  1. I’m not much of a prankster, but the dirsts April Fools after we got married I told my husband I was pregnant. He was so excited that it absolutely crushed me to tell him it was a prank. He made me promise never to do that again, and I felt like I deserved the “worst wife of the year” award.

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