Calming the Fuss and Stopping the Fit

Tuck is only two months old but he has already learned that I’m definitely NOT one of those moms that will let him cry it out. If you can tolerate the crying then that’s awesome. Sometimes a tired baby will just cry himself to sleep. But I just can’t. I hate it. It’s not that it’s annoying, it’s that I know he’s upset and I want to fix it. #supermomsyndrome. When he’s in the mood to grump (usually because he’s tired or overstimulated) he sure as heck let’s me know. And of course I come running. It used to be his swing was enough to calm the storm. If that didn’t work a walk outside would. Or maybe he wants to turn around and look at the world when I hold him. (He loves to look at things especially the coat rack. Weird.)
But what am I supposed to do when he has absolutely had ENOUGH of his car seat, yet we aren’t home yet? Well sit him in my lap and keep driving of course. Kidding. Pls don’t call cops I swear I don’t do this. Or what about when he’s so tired all he wants to do is fuss and if he hears “The Bear Went Over The Mountain” omg he’s going to poop the stinkiest diaper for payback? Seriously wHat was I supposed to do? What could possibly get this baby to quit fussing?

An app.

I’m serious.

Take your smartphone using butt to the AppStore/Playstore. Type in Relax Melodies (it’s by ipnosoft). Download it. Open it up and create your background noise. Seriously they have a ton of sounds like rain, waves, thunderstorm, and even grandfather clock. It’s soothing and repetitive. You can even layer multiple sounds on top of each other and adjust each individual volume. Tucks favorite is grandfather clock and heavy rain. Find one that works for your kid and turn that sucker up!

The only downside is the battery drainage, but it’s a small price to pay for a piece of instant shut up pie.

I love living in this era. Raising kids is way easier in my opinion. Now don’t get me wrong, gas powered strollers probably looked cool in the 50’s (I think it was the 50’s, you had to wear a gas mask and the stroller was a boxed in steel contraption.). I don’t even care that maybe it makes me a bit lazy, or that I’m not struggling through raising a kid like the many centuries of women before me (except everyone who had nannys, I’m so jelly).

Technology is convenient and in the words of Willy Wonka “if God had wanted us to walk why did he create roller skates?” So there. 😛

Super big shoutout to my awesome Aunt Angie for showing me the app. Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGIE!!!


Another Round of Shots!


I have no idea why I like that song so much, but anywayyyy… Tucker is getting shots today. Which is sad because he’s in a totally good mood right now. But I’m happy because I don’t have to be paranoid when the cute eight year old boy in the store pets my baby’s head. (It was a super sweet moment, that little boy was so adorable). OMG he’s cooing in the backseat. I love my happy baby ❤

I honestly don't know what to expect. I mean he had his first Hep B when he was new, but that doesn't make babies fussy. Here's to me crossing my fingers and hoping he would sleep through the shot. Fat chance I know. Still, maybe he won't cry too much. I remember crying when I was 18 getting a tetanus booster. I sure hope my kid isn't that much like me. Granted, I did get a cool sticker though. And then mom bought me ice cream. Moms awesome.

I know that he needs the shots. I just don't understand for the life of me why scientists can put people on the moon but they still haven't been able to figure out a way to administer a vaccine orally. I would call it the no more needles movement. But it's I necessary evil I guess. I am however excited to see how much he weighs. He's growing so quickly I feel like I have to take thousands and thousands of pictures so I don't miss a moment. Here's my favorite pic from this morning of my big strong boy.

Choosing My Anti-Baby Method

Finding out we were expecting Tucker was a wonderful surprise. That happened the night before the first day of the dental assisting program. A program that wanted an arm and a leg (and two tb tests, a varicella titer, an abstract reasoning, and a fine finger dexterity test). After all that work , finding out we were expecting was the last thing I expected. I wouldn’t have known if Jessy hadn’t suggested I get a test (my boobs had been hurting). How did this happen, you may ask. Shouldn’t your birth control have prevented this? Funny you should ask.

A few years ago I was using the Depo-Provera. Which was awesome exept for the weight gain. When I decided to get off it and take a break from all those hormones, I still had the effects of the Depo coursing through me. My time of the month was jacked, if it even appeared. This went on for several years. The doctors said it would be awhile before I got back on track, and it was unlikely that we would get pregnant anytime soon. So we let our guard down and VOILA. Instant Baby! (Just kidding, it still took 9 months.)

But anyway, Jess and I decided that we would like to avoid anymore fun bundles surprising us. With the theme of 1 & done in mind (because Tucker is perfect, I have no desire for more), we started looking at our birth control options. Here’s my/our opinions on what we found.

Tubes Tied/ Vasectomy
I think Jess considered the vasectomy for a split second, and I didn’t even consider the tube tie. Why? Because a) it’s super permanent and b) a painful surgery (for me). So those were out.

The mirena is that weird plastic thingy that I THINK (don’t quote me on this) goes inside your uterus. It’s good for up to 5 years, and can be taken whenever you want. This was very appealing to me. The major drawback (for me) was that in some cases the device could breach the uterine wall. Meaning it could rip through and poke out of your uterus. Umm, no thanks. Even if it were a one in a million chance, I still wouldn’t take it because my luck just sucks.

The pill/ mini pill

I suck at taking pills, and since I was kind of breastfeeding at the time, I would have been put on the mini pill because the hormones in the regular pill could affect Tuck. But here’s the deal- if you aren’t 100% breastfeeding, the mini pill’s effectiveness goes down to 70%. Umm no. No way. And they taste nasty. That’s a legitimate reason right?


Yeah, no thanks. I hate needles and I don’t feel like being messed up again.


I actually used this before and really liked it. You put it in for a few weeks, take it out for a week to cycle, then put a new one in. Or if you want, skip the cycle and just replace every 28 days- or whatever your doc says. And only a small % of men can actually feel it during doing the deed. Unfortunately mine could. Regardless, this was actually my backup choice if I decided not to go with what I have. Although I don’t think it can be used while breastfeeding.


Is a tiny rod inserted under the skin in your arm. It is pretty much instantaneous, emits a low dose of progesterone for three straight years. Best of all upon removal, the effects are gone within 48 hours. Now I’m not the biggest fan of the incision and placement part, but after the Lydocain numbing medicine (which was actually the worst part- huge needle, burning medicine) the procedure was actually pretty quick and painless. Then they bandaged me up and sent me on my way. It starts working pretty much instantly, the doctor cleared is for the fun stuff the next day just to be safe. I did bruise, and it’s a little tender. But it’s nothing compared to 9 months of totally preggo. The best part is I can put the renew date in my calendar and forget about it for three years. If there are any side effects, I will update this as they come, but it isn’t much different from other birth control effects.

Update: Its been a week and I still feel pretty good. The bruising is nearly gone, and the incision is nearly healed. My favorite thing to do is freak people out by having them touch it without telling them there’s something in there 😉

Anyway, that’s the choice I made and I hope this is helpful!


The Formula for Frustration

Ok so breastfeeding didn’t work out. Baby’s bottom lip is tiny, the latch wasn’t perfect, the boobs were huge and unmanageable ( like seriously they were big enough before being full of milk). And it just plain hurt. I lasted a month. Pretty good considering how absolutely terrible it felt. And don’t think I didn’t try. I did. The whole 9 yards. I was texting the lactation consultant, trying every position, using the boppy pillow (which Jessy now uses to set his dinner plate on when eating on the couch #somedayillgetakitchentable).
I would give my poor bruised boobs a break and pump and feed him from a bottle. Except that felt horrible too. Finally one day it dawned on me (as my son is clawing the crud out of me and pulling back) that the reason my son has been so fussy and gassy for the past couple of weeks is because of the boob juice. Thus began the game of Musical Formulas.
First we tried Similac Advanced. Nerp, still gassy. So we moved on to Soy, thinking it was a milk sensitivity. And it worked! No more gas! Except instead he was ridiculously constipated. It would have been great for St. Patricks Day because that was the greenest poop I’ve ever seen. The more you know.
I asked the pediatrician what to do. He said two things. I could try out formulas and see which might work because and I quote “this isn’t communist china”, and that it was likely that I’d have to pick my evil, gas or constipation. NOT the advice I was hoping for, but since he gave me the go ahead, I decided to browse the formula isle.
Thus I came upon a low lactose formula to help with gas. And while my little peep is still having trouble with the poops, at least they aren’t rock hard and scary green. I’m going to give it a couple of days and see how it works out. Moral of the story: finding the right formula is a tedious and stressful process. And gas drops don’t do diddly squat for my kid. It really sucks when your baby cries for three straight hours, I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

I’m Not a Crunchy Mom

So I had been reading around, and I always see these posts from other mothers proclaiming themselves “Crunchy”. I had no clue what that meant, but after reading a bit I am under the impression that a crunchy mom is one who chooses to raise their kids in a natural/organic lifestyle. These are the moms that usually have their babies at home or in birthing centers without pain meds, breastfeed, and do the organic thing. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being crunchy.

I wanted to have a more natural approach to raising my baby. I even wanted to have him in a birthing center, with a midwife, and no pain meds. Unfortunately my location didn’t allow that. I was disappointed but after meeting my doctor, I felt a lot better about the hospital experience to come. She took the time to talk to me and go over any concerns. She was super friendly, and understanding.

The staff at the hospital was very nice too. I was surprised, I had a stigma about having your baby in the hospital. I was absolutely scared that the horror stories I had heard were a common occurrence. Honestly the worst thing about the whole thing was not being able to eat for the 24 hours it took to actually have the baby (don’t let me lie, I snuck some homemade cinnamon rolls in and noshed on them while nobody was looking) and even then they gave me Popsicles!

I remember going in thinking, “ok I’m not going to take the drugs. I’m going to have this baby naturally unless something goes wrong and I need medical intervention.”. Then my water broke after 14 hours and it was, as the sweet nurse would say, “a whole nother ball game”. They asked me if I wanted morphine. I was weak, I gave in and said yes. It helped a bit but oh sweet Jesus the pain. Then they dangled the bait.
“Do you want an epidural?” they asked.
“YES DON’T JUDGE ME!” I replied.
And then the sweet doctor came in and attempted to put the epidural in my back. Except I wiggled too much. So after two episodes of strange shooting pains in random places, he put something in my IV that knocked me on my ass. Literally, my neck gave out and slammed right into the bosom of the nurse charged with holding me steady. The epi kicked in and I went to sleep. Then they woke me up and told me it’s time to have my baby. Easy Peasy.

Moral of the story- I may not be crunchy. I might not exactly be au natural. But that’s not exactly a bad thing either. I totally respect the mothers who dedicate their time and energies to being natural, organic, and healthy. There are definitely things that I could get on board with, such as those awesome cloth diapers that are like $250 for a set of 12. And making my own baby food with a food processor is just plain economical.

But some topics I’m just not into, I need the gas drops when baby has a fart stuck. I couldn’t go without the formula that I use to supplement because breastfeeding isn’t really my thing (more on that another day). And I’m sure as heck gonna get my kid immunized (I’m not arguing this topic, this is my personal belief).

I am picking and choosing what “crunchy” ideas work for me, but without committing to the whole thing. I may not be crunchy, but I’m halfway there. I guess I’m a Chewy Mom.