I’m Not a Crunchy Mom

So I had been reading around, and I always see these posts from other mothers proclaiming themselves “Crunchy”. I had no clue what that meant, but after reading a bit I am under the impression that a crunchy mom is one who chooses to raise their kids in a natural/organic lifestyle. These are the moms that usually have their babies at home or in birthing centers without pain meds, breastfeed, and do the organic thing. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being crunchy.

I wanted to have a more natural approach to raising my baby. I even wanted to have him in a birthing center, with a midwife, and no pain meds. Unfortunately my location didn’t allow that. I was disappointed but after meeting my doctor, I felt a lot better about the hospital experience to come. She took the time to talk to me and go over any concerns. She was super friendly, and understanding.

The staff at the hospital was very nice too. I was surprised, I had a stigma about having your baby in the hospital. I was absolutely scared that the horror stories I had heard were a common occurrence. Honestly the worst thing about the whole thing was not being able to eat for the 24 hours it took to actually have the baby (don’t let me lie, I snuck some homemade cinnamon rolls in and noshed on them while nobody was looking) and even then they gave me Popsicles!

I remember going in thinking, “ok I’m not going to take the drugs. I’m going to have this baby naturally unless something goes wrong and I need medical intervention.”. Then my water broke after 14 hours and it was, as the sweet nurse would say, “a whole nother ball game”. They asked me if I wanted morphine. I was weak, I gave in and said yes. It helped a bit but oh sweet Jesus the pain. Then they dangled the bait.
“Do you want an epidural?” they asked.
“YES DON’T JUDGE ME!” I replied.
And then the sweet doctor came in and attempted to put the epidural in my back. Except I wiggled too much. So after two episodes of strange shooting pains in random places, he put something in my IV that knocked me on my ass. Literally, my neck gave out and slammed right into the bosom of the nurse charged with holding me steady. The epi kicked in and I went to sleep. Then they woke me up and told me it’s time to have my baby. Easy Peasy.

Moral of the story- I may not be crunchy. I might not exactly be au natural. But that’s not exactly a bad thing either. I totally respect the mothers who dedicate their time and energies to being natural, organic, and healthy. There are definitely things that I could get on board with, such as those awesome cloth diapers that are like $250 for a set of 12. And making my own baby food with a food processor is just plain economical.

But some topics I’m just not into, I need the gas drops when baby has a fart stuck. I couldn’t go without the formula that I use to supplement because breastfeeding isn’t really my thing (more on that another day). And I’m sure as heck gonna get my kid immunized (I’m not arguing this topic, this is my personal belief).

I am picking and choosing what “crunchy” ideas work for me, but without committing to the whole thing. I may not be crunchy, but I’m halfway there. I guess I’m a Chewy Mom.


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