The Formula for Frustration

Ok so breastfeeding didn’t work out. Baby’s bottom lip is tiny, the latch wasn’t perfect, the boobs were huge and unmanageable ( like seriously they were big enough before being full of milk). And it just plain hurt. I lasted a month. Pretty good considering how absolutely terrible it felt. And don’t think I didn’t try. I did. The whole 9 yards. I was texting the lactation consultant, trying every position, using the boppy pillow (which Jessy now uses to set his dinner plate on when eating on the couch #somedayillgetakitchentable).
I would give my poor bruised boobs a break and pump and feed him from a bottle. Except that felt horrible too. Finally one day it dawned on me (as my son is clawing the crud out of me and pulling back) that the reason my son has been so fussy and gassy for the past couple of weeks is because of the boob juice. Thus began the game of Musical Formulas.
First we tried Similac Advanced. Nerp, still gassy. So we moved on to Soy, thinking it was a milk sensitivity. And it worked! No more gas! Except instead he was ridiculously constipated. It would have been great for St. Patricks Day because that was the greenest poop I’ve ever seen. The more you know.
I asked the pediatrician what to do. He said two things. I could try out formulas and see which might work because and I quote “this isn’t communist china”, and that it was likely that I’d have to pick my evil, gas or constipation. NOT the advice I was hoping for, but since he gave me the go ahead, I decided to browse the formula isle.
Thus I came upon a low lactose formula to help with gas. And while my little peep is still having trouble with the poops, at least they aren’t rock hard and scary green. I’m going to give it a couple of days and see how it works out. Moral of the story: finding the right formula is a tedious and stressful process. And gas drops don’t do diddly squat for my kid. It really sucks when your baby cries for three straight hours, I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.


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