Choosing My Anti-Baby Method

Finding out we were expecting Tucker was a wonderful surprise. That happened the night before the first day of the dental assisting program. A program that wanted an arm and a leg (and two tb tests, a varicella titer, an abstract reasoning, and a fine finger dexterity test). After all that work , finding out we were expecting was the last thing I expected. I wouldn’t have known if Jessy hadn’t suggested I get a test (my boobs had been hurting). How did this happen, you may ask. Shouldn’t your birth control have prevented this? Funny you should ask.

A few years ago I was using the Depo-Provera. Which was awesome exept for the weight gain. When I decided to get off it and take a break from all those hormones, I still had the effects of the Depo coursing through me. My time of the month was jacked, if it even appeared. This went on for several years. The doctors said it would be awhile before I got back on track, and it was unlikely that we would get pregnant anytime soon. So we let our guard down and VOILA. Instant Baby! (Just kidding, it still took 9 months.)

But anyway, Jess and I decided that we would like to avoid anymore fun bundles surprising us. With the theme of 1 & done in mind (because Tucker is perfect, I have no desire for more), we started looking at our birth control options. Here’s my/our opinions on what we found.

Tubes Tied/ Vasectomy
I think Jess considered the vasectomy for a split second, and I didn’t even consider the tube tie. Why? Because a) it’s super permanent and b) a painful surgery (for me). So those were out.

The mirena is that weird plastic thingy that I THINK (don’t quote me on this) goes inside your uterus. It’s good for up to 5 years, and can be taken whenever you want. This was very appealing to me. The major drawback (for me) was that in some cases the device could breach the uterine wall. Meaning it could rip through and poke out of your uterus. Umm, no thanks. Even if it were a one in a million chance, I still wouldn’t take it because my luck just sucks.

The pill/ mini pill

I suck at taking pills, and since I was kind of breastfeeding at the time, I would have been put on the mini pill because the hormones in the regular pill could affect Tuck. But here’s the deal- if you aren’t 100% breastfeeding, the mini pill’s effectiveness goes down to 70%. Umm no. No way. And they taste nasty. That’s a legitimate reason right?


Yeah, no thanks. I hate needles and I don’t feel like being messed up again.


I actually used this before and really liked it. You put it in for a few weeks, take it out for a week to cycle, then put a new one in. Or if you want, skip the cycle and just replace every 28 days- or whatever your doc says. And only a small % of men can actually feel it during doing the deed. Unfortunately mine could. Regardless, this was actually my backup choice if I decided not to go with what I have. Although I don’t think it can be used while breastfeeding.


Is a tiny rod inserted under the skin in your arm. It is pretty much instantaneous, emits a low dose of progesterone for three straight years. Best of all upon removal, the effects are gone within 48 hours. Now I’m not the biggest fan of the incision and placement part, but after the Lydocain numbing medicine (which was actually the worst part- huge needle, burning medicine) the procedure was actually pretty quick and painless. Then they bandaged me up and sent me on my way. It starts working pretty much instantly, the doctor cleared is for the fun stuff the next day just to be safe. I did bruise, and it’s a little tender. But it’s nothing compared to 9 months of totally preggo. The best part is I can put the renew date in my calendar and forget about it for three years. If there are any side effects, I will update this as they come, but it isn’t much different from other birth control effects.

Update: Its been a week and I still feel pretty good. The bruising is nearly gone, and the incision is nearly healed. My favorite thing to do is freak people out by having them touch it without telling them there’s something in there 😉

Anyway, that’s the choice I made and I hope this is helpful!



2 thoughts on “Choosing My Anti-Baby Method

  1. Essence says:

    Vasectomies can be reversed, I think, and I have a friend who’s mom had her tubes tied and ended up pregnant again, so she had her uterus completely scooped out the second time. Do you think you’ll ever change your mind about a second baby?

    • Maybe, if I get baby fever in like ten years. I mean if it happens, it happens. But I’m going to do everything I can to prevent it. Without giving up sex because I’m not a saint. That really sucks that she had to have her uterus SCOOPED out. Like omg nooo. And while vasectomies can be reversed, what is something went wrong and the mangled the anatomy in question?!? Like nooooooooo!

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