Lose Weight, Get Healthy, Eat Right- With Apps!

Remember the good old days in college when you could scarf down half a pizza and chug a soda, and NOTHING HAPPENED!? I miss those days. But whatever metabolism, babies, and life happens.

So here I sit one month into my new healthy me routine, and I’m seeing results. They aren’t super fab
I-Lost-20-Pounds-In-Like-5-Days results. But they are hard work, plane Jane, diet and work out results. Because those are the ones that stick.
And I did it with four free apps.

Probably the most helpful and important app I use on a daily basis. I log everything I eat- and it tells me the calories in it. I can set daily calorie goals, incorporate a workout for calories burned, and at the end of the day it projects how much I should weigh in five weeks if I keep it up. I can log my weight and measurements as well. It’s pretty sweet. There’s also a place to view my nutrition goals, to see if I’m getting enough iron or fiber with what I’m eating. I have learned so much about all the crap out there we call food, and I feel better when I cut it out.

Ever want to start working out but have no idea where to start? Sworkit is an app that shows you all kinds of different exercises, and has video clips on how to do them. You have the option of selecting areas of your body you want to target, choosing how long you want to work out for, then doing the different exercises at 30 second intervals. There’s even yoga and stretching. The best part? It syncs your workout with your MyFitnessPal when you complete one, to show you how many calories you burned!

How active is active? Well according to Pacer, a pedometer app, 10k is the number of steps you want to take in a day. I work retail, I thought I would be moving around plenty, but I was so wrong. Pacer is cool because it shows you which parts of the day you are most active. It also syncs to the MyFitnessPal to show calories burned.

If someone paid you to eat vegetables, would you? Because Pact will! A Pact is an agreement to do things like eat a certain number of veggies, work out a certain amount, or log what you eat with MyFitnessPal. And at the end of the week when you complete your pact, you get money!!! Now it’s not a whole lot, but you can make a couple extra bucks a week. The catch to keep you even more motivated? If you don’t complete your pact you lose money. But don’t worry, if you want to stop for a bit you can schedule a break. Simply take a photo of you eating your veggies- the pact community will vote on it to make sure you’re legit, or turn on the motion tracker and exercise for 30 minutes, or log what you eat and sync it. I love this app because I’m getting paid to do the things I should anyway!

I’ve learned a lot about being healthy this last month and I feel great! This weight is slowly coming off, but my muscles and stamina are at an all time high. I know what choices are healthy choices, and what to avoid. I don’t need some miracle pill to make me shaky either, cause this is how we do! #healthyforlife



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